Hanger Tree Shaped Metal Steel Tube Coat Hanger Shoe

Hat Coat Rack Hook Clothes Hanger Tree Shaped Metal Steel Tube Coat Hanger Shoe rack HWC

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Hat Coat Rack Hook Clothes Hanger Tree Shaped Metal Steel Tube Coat Hanger Shoe rack HWC


  • Material: barrel-shaped hardened steel pipe
  • Accessory material; steel or plastic parts
  • Surface treatment: environmental protection plastic dusting
  • There are a total of nine hooks in two rows: 5 pairs of hooks in the upper row and 5 pairs of hooks in the lower row.
  • Steel pipe thickness 0.8mm, pipe diameter 32mm
  • Color: black, silver
  • Product size: 185 * 66 * 30cm
  • Package size: length: 69cm width: 33cm height: 19cm
  • Weight: 8500g
  • Simple disassembly, can hang clothes, shoe rack, hat and scarf, convenient for multi-purpose use!

Detailed description:

1.Anti-scratch requirements: Use high-quality plastic, not easy to break, take into account wear resistance, protect clothes and hats, and prevent hooking.

2.Shoe rack is enlarged: The shoe rack is widened and enlarged design, high-quality pipes, multi-layer storage, can store more items.

3.Rubber foot pad: humanized rubber pad design, adjustable foot stand to adapt to different floors, and keep hangers balanced.

4.Painting process: Adopt environmental protection plastic powder spraying, fine grinding, durable, moisture-proof, rust-proof and shedding-resistant.

5.U-shaped hanging pipe: The curved hanging pipe is enlarged on the top, and the thick hanging pipe is used to fix the rubber parts.

Buy point:

1: Storage degree

The hanger rack can be fully stored, and clothes, hats, shoes and bags can be placed with no trouble.

2: minimalist design

The exquisite styling design is a must-have at home, and the home can also be stylish.

3: strong load bearing

Made of stainless steel, it is strong and durable, making it a charming scenery in your family time.

4: Versatile

You can sit on the shoe rack to change shoes and laces, etc.It is easy and convenient, multi-purpose, think what you think.

5: Lightweight and convenient

The materials are exquisite and easy to move, and it is used for small pieces of furniture with multiple spaces.

6: neat and comfortable

Multiple storage methods are available for you to choose, so that modern homes can be sublimated and co-exist in the home.


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