3-Tier Standing Wire Shelf: Stylish Corner Planter Stand and Rustproof Storage Solution

Discover the versatility of the AMAGABELI 3-Tier Standing Wire Shelf, measuring 13.4×11.4×43.3 inches, making it an ideal fit for various uses.

From organizing shelves and bathroom storage to indoor plant stands and bookshelves, this shelf brings a touch of modernity to your home or business facade. With a rustproof power-coated finish, it is suitable for both kitchen and bathroom environments.

Assembly is a breeze, requiring no tools, and its lightweight yet sturdy design allows for easy movement and practical functionality.

Embrace the lightweight and sturdy design of this standing wire shelf, with hollow feet for easy portability. 🌿 Move it effortlessly to any corner, transforming it into a versatile storage solution for your plants, books, bathroom essentials, and more.

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1. Stylish and Versatile Design: Elevate your home or business organization with the AMAGABELI 3-Tier Standing Wire Shelf. 🌟 Measuring 13.4×11.4×43.3 inches, it is the perfect size for a variety of uses, including wire rack shelves, bathroom organizers, or corner plant stands. Its stylish look adds a modern touch to any space, making it a versatile and aesthetic choice.

2. Effortless Assembly and Disassembly: Experience the convenience of easy assembly within 1 minute by a single person, without the need for any tools. 🔧 Additionally, this standing rack can be effortlessly folded into flat pieces when you need to relocate it. Simply remove the plate racks from the hooks and fold it flat, allowing for easy disassembly and transportation.

3. Premium Rustproof Material: Invest in durability with the AMAGABELI 3-Tier Standing Wire Shelf, crafted from iron with a powder-coated finish. 🛡️ The rustproof coating ensures stability and durability, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Enjoy a long-lasting, corrosion-resistant storage solution for your home or business.

4. Space-Saving and Multifunctional: Optimize your space by placing this sturdy iron organizing shelf in any corner of your home or business. 🏡 The 3-tier stand serves various purposes, functioning as a plant stand, bookshelf, bathroom organizer, or shoe storage rack. Enjoy versatility without compromising on space, making it an ideal addition to any room.

5. Lightweight Yet Sturdy: Experience the best of both worlds with the AMAGABELI 3-Tier Standing Wire Shelf. 💪 Its lightweight design, with hollow feet, ensures easy mobility, allowing you to carry it around effortlessly. The free-standing design saves room while providing sturdy and practical storage for your needs.

6. Humidity-Resistant Power Coating: Trust in the resilience of the rustproof power-coated finish, making the AMAGABELI 3-Tier Standing Wire Shelf suitable for humid environments like kitchens and bathrooms. 🌧️ Enjoy the benefits of a storage solution that withstands challenging conditions while maintaining its aesthetic appeal.

7. Cost-Effective and Stylish Storage: Choose the AMAGABELI 3-Tier Standing Wire Shelf for a cost-effective and stylish storage solution. 💰 The 3-tier stand covers various uses, making it a budget-friendly option compared to purchasing separate shelves for different purposes. Upgrade your organization without breaking the bank.

8. Practical Indoor/Outdoor Use: Whether for your kitchen, bathroom, or outdoor space, the AMAGABELI 3-Tier Standing Wire Shelf delivers practicality. 🌳 Use it as a plant stand on your patio, a bookshelf in your living room, or a bathroom organizer. Its adaptability to various environments makes it a versatile and indispensable addition to your home.

Q: Can I use the AMAGABELI 3-Tier Standing Wire Shelf outdoors? A: Yes, absolutely! The shelf is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. 🌞 Whether you need a corner plant stand on your patio or a versatile storage solution in your bathroom, this standing wire shelf is designed to be practical in various environments.

Q: How easy is it to assemble and disassemble the standing wire shelf? A: Assembly is super easy and can be done within 1 minute by one person without any tools. 🔧 For disassembly, simply remove the plate racks from the hooks and fold it into flat pieces. Effortlessly carry it to any location and reassemble it when needed.

Q: Can the standing wire shelf withstand humid environments like a kitchen or bathroom? A: Absolutely! The AMAGABELI 3-Tier Standing Wire Shelf is crafted with a rustproof power-coated finish, making it resistant to humidity. 🌧️ Feel confident using it in kitchens and bathrooms without worrying about corrosion or deterioration over time.

Feature Specification
Dimensions 13.4×11.4×43.3 inches
Material Iron with Powder Coated Finish
Assembly Time Within 1 Minute (No Tools Needed)
Indoor/Outdoor Use Yes
Rustproof Finish Yes
Weight Lightweight (Hollow Feet)
Versatility Various Uses (Plants, Books, etc.)

Additional information

Weight 6.3 kg
Dimensions 43.5 × 13.5 × 1.5 cm





























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