Artificial Tree Storage Bag Perfect Xmas Storage Container with Handles | 65” X 15” X 30” Holiday Tree Storage Case

ProPik Artificial Tree Storage Bag, the perfect solution for keeping your Christmas tree and decorations organized and protected. This spacious 65″ x 30″ x 15″ bag is designed for convenience and durability.

It can comfortably fit a 9-foot artificial tree (disassembled), along with garlands, lights, and other holiday decor. The bag is water-resistant, ensuring your tree remains clean and dry in storage. It’s roomy, easy to use, and lightweight, with reinforced carrying handles for added durability.

A side loop has been added for easy pulling. Store your holiday decorations safely until the next season with this sleek and efficient storage solution. Protect your investment in Christmas decor with ProPik.

🎄 Spacious Storage: This holiday tree storage bag offers ample space, accommodating a disassembled 9-foot artificial tree, multiple garlands, strands of lights, and other festive decorations.

🌧️ Water-Resistant: The bag is designed to be water-resistant, ensuring that your cherished Christmas tree remains clean and dry in storage, even during rainy seasons.

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🧳 Convenient and Lightweight: ProPik’s tree storage bag is lightweight, making it easy to carry and store. No more struggling with heavy, cumbersome storage solutions.

💪 Durable Handles: The carrying handles are reinforced for durability. You can confidently transport your holiday tree and decorations without worrying about handles tearing or breaking.

🏞️ Efficient Design: A side loop has been added for effortless pulling, simplifying the process of transporting the bag.

🎅 Protect Your Investment: You’ve invested in beautiful Christmas decor, and this storage bag is the ideal solution to ensure your decorations remain in pristine condition, season after season.

🌟 Easy Access: With a sleek zipper, accessing your stored holiday items is a breeze. No more struggling with complicated closures.

🎁 Ideal for Gift Storage: This versatile bag is also perfect for storing and protecting large gift items, ensuring they stay in perfect condition until the special day arrives.

🏡 Neat and Tidy: Say goodbye to clutter and disorganized storage spaces. Keep your home tidy and your holiday decorations protected with the ProPik Artificial Tree Storage Bag.

Feature Description
Size 65″ x 30″ x 15″
Capacity Fits up to a 9-foot disassembled artificial tree, garlands, lights, and decor
Water-Resistant Protects your tree from moisture and water
Lightweight Easy to carry and store
Durable Handles Reinforced carrying handles for added strength
Side Loop Facilitates pulling and maneuvering
Sleek Zipper Provides easy access to stored items
Versatile Use Ideal for storing holiday decorations, large gift items, and more
Protects Investment Ensures your Christmas decor remains in excellent condition year after year

The best feature to buy this product is its Water-Resistant capability. The water-resistant design ensures that your holiday tree remains clean and dry, even when stored for extended periods. This feature provides peace of mind, knowing your Christmas decorations are protected from moisture, which can cause damage and deterioration. It’s the perfect solution to keep your investment in Christmas decor safe and intact.

These vacation Xmas Tree Bag saves time, saves trouble, saves room and prevents mess.

It additionally protects your tree from getting soiled when retailer through the spring and summer season.

Adorning the Xmas tree is could be a enjoyable household exercise and unwrapping these presents that sit below it’s at all times a blast, however storing it appears to at all times be a drag.

Made our of a brilliant energy tarp materials, our Xmas tree luggage are sturdy and almost tear-resistant. This implies you possibly can retailer your tree within the storage, in a storage unit or within the attic with out worrying about it getting soiled, dusty or filled with bugs and spiderwebs.



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