Blue Zippered Drawer Liner – Shield and Preserve 120 Pieces of Sterling Silverware

Safeguard your cherished silverware with the Hagerty 19111 Blue Zippered Drawer Liner.

Crafted from specialized silversmiths’ fabric enriched with R-22 tarnish preventative, this elegant zippered case ensures that your sterling or silver-plated flatware stays tarnish-free for years.

Its spacious design accommodates up to 120 pieces, providing a lustrous and organized home for your valuable silver. Whether stored in a drawer or taken to special occasions, this drawer liner and organizer is the epitome of silverware care and elegance.

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🌬️ Advanced Tarnish Prevention: The silversmiths’ fabric of this drawer liner contains R-22, an advanced tarnish preventative. It neutralizes airborne sulfur, the primary cause of tarnish, ensuring your silverware remains brilliantly polished and ready for use.

🍽️ Preserve Elegance: Elevate the care of your silverware with the Hagerty 19111 Blue Zippered Drawer Liner. Designed to hold up to 120 pieces of sterling or silver-plated flatware, this organizer is a silver guardian, keeping your utensils tarnish-free and ready for any dining occasion.

🛡️ Tarnish-Resistant Fabric: Crafted from specialized silversmiths’ fabric, this drawer liner goes beyond aesthetics. The R-22 tarnish preventative woven into the material acts as a shield against tarnishing agents, ensuring your silverware remains in pristine condition.

Lustrous for Years: With the Hagerty 19111, your silver stays lustrous for years. The zippered case provides a secure and protective environment, allowing you to enjoy the gleam of your silver pieces whenever you need them.

🌈 Organization and Protection: This drawer liner is not just an organizer; it’s a defender of your silver’s shine. It stores and protects up to 120 pieces, offering a meticulously organized space that safeguards your silver treasures.

🎉 Ready for Any Occasion: No need to worry about pulling out tarnished silverware for special events. The Hagerty 19111 ensures that your silver is always ready for any occasion, be it a family dinner or a grand celebration.

🏡 Drawer to Table Convenience: From drawer to table, this zippered drawer liner provides convenience. Keep your silverware organized in the drawer, and when the moment calls, effortlessly transport them to the table in this elegant and protective case.

🌬️ Airborne Sulfur Neutralization: The advanced R-22 tarnish preventative works by neutralizing airborne sulfur, the culprit behind tarnishing. Feel confident that your silverware is shielded from tarnish-causing elements.

🌟 Silversmiths’ Quality: Trust in the quality of silversmiths’ fabric used in crafting this drawer liner. The attention to detail and commitment to preserving the beauty of your silver make this product a must-have for silverware enthusiasts.

Q: Can I store silver-plated flatware in this drawer liner? A: Absolutely! The Hagerty 19111 Blue Zippered Drawer Liner is specifically designed to hold up to 120 pieces of sterling or silver-plated flatware, ensuring both types are well-protected.

Q: How does the R-22 tarnish preventative work? A: The R-22 woven into the silversmiths’ fabric neutralizes airborne sulfur, the primary cause of tarnish. This advanced feature ensures your silverware remains tarnish-free for an extended period.

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