LANGRIA Heavy Duty Rolling Commercial Single Rail Clothing Garment Rack

LANGRIA Heavy Duty Rolling Commercial Single Rail Clothing Garment Rack

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  • STURDY RACK: it has an all-metal frame with a rust-proof finish to embellish the unit; the hanging rail has both edges upwards so hangers won’t fall down
  • EXTENDABLE: the vertical post have 3 height settings (56″/61.5″/66″) to adjust the length to give you more space to fit your long clothes
  • EXTRA STORAGE: features 2 detachable grid bottom shelves so you can store baskets, boxes, shoes, bags and other items; load capacity 143.5 lbs.
  • COLLAPSIBLE: easy to assemble, just click the pieces together; when not in use, fold it flat to save space or ease its transport
  • ON WHEELS: 4 omnidirectional casters (2 lockable) allow you to move the rack with ease and keep it in place when stability is needed
Multifunctional garment rack with 1 hanging rods This LANGRIA all-metal functional single rail garment rack is a perfect addition to use in your bedroom and dressing room as a spare open closet for your fav seasonal outfits, in the laundry room to dry your clothes or in a store, bar or restaurant to display or organize your customers’ coats and jackets.

Sometimes you only need some extra clothing space The clothes rack is adjustable so you can adjust the vertical posts, which have 3 height settings (56″/61.5″/66″) to better accommodate long dresses, coats or suits. The upper rail has both edges facing upwards so that your clothes won’t fall to the floor Last but not least, the rack has 2 detachable grid bottom shelf to place boxes, shoes or bags.

Assembly notice Our rack is super easy to assemble without further tools. Just click all the parts together and the rack is ready to use, so you can organize, hang, and store your clothes right away. There are 2 clamps that you can assembled upward on the lower bar for fixing upper hanging rail when not used by following the assembly instructions; you can also assemble them downward on the lower bars at your preference for keeping wire grids in place when in used.

Kindly note Casters are covered with rust preventive oil and can be wiped clean with a tissue or cloth if needed. If you are extremely sensitive and cannot stand the odor, please keep this in mind before placing your order. Please fix wire grids on the lower bars first and then assemble the clamps on the lower bars.

Product specifications Assembled Dimensions (W x D x H): 51 x 21.5 x 56 /61.5 /66 in (130 × 54.5 × 143 /156/ 168 cm) Load capacity: 143.5 lbs. (65 kg) Net weight: 13.5 lbs. (6 kg)

LANGRIA Heavy Duty Rolling Commercial Single Rail Clothing Garment Rack with Wheels Height Adjustable Collapsible Clothes Rack Max Load Capacity 143.5 lbs. for Bedroom Dressing Room Store (Chrome).

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Weight 15.75 kg
Dimensions 36.5 × 23.2 × 4 cm

























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