Organize with Ease: Premium Christmas Gift Wrap Organizer – Fits 18-24 Standers Rolls, Underbed Storage, Tear-Proof Fabric – Ideal for Holiday Bliss

As a holiday enthusiast, the Premium Christmas Gift Wrap Organizer has revolutionized my festive preparations. The tear-proof fabric ensures the longevity of my cherished wrapping paper, while the durable construction keeps everything organized and protected. The clear vinyl pockets and dual zipper closure make finding bows, labels, and tape a breeze.

The slim design allows for underbed storage, maximizing space and keeping my holiday essentials at my fingertips. With this organizer, the joy of gift-giving is complemented by the joy of staying beautifully organized!

Experience the joy of a stress-free holiday season with the Premium Christmas Gift Wrap Organizer.

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This organizer is designed to be the ultimate solution for your Christmas wrap paper storage, accessories, and supplies. With dimensions of 14” x 40” x 6”, it fits 18-24 standard rolls, offering a spacious and organized storage solution.

The tear-proof fabric and durable construction ensure the longevity of your wrapping paper, while the underbed storage design keeps your holiday essentials easily accessible.

Durable and Resilient Construction: The Premium Christmas Gift Wrap Organizer is constructed with ultra-sturdy 600D oxford-polyester fabric, making it tear, puncture, water, fade, and moisture-resistant. The heavy-duty cardboard construction provides structural integrity, ensuring that your Xmas gift wrap organizer remains strong and durable year after year. Embrace the holidays with a storage solution built to last.

Convenient Extras for Ultimate Organization: Enjoy the convenience of two clear vinyl pockets that keep bows, labels, tape, scissors, and other materials organized within the wrapping paper organizer. The dual zipper closure ensures that all your supplies are secure yet easily accessible. The organizer also features a divider for rolls of 36 inches and below, adding a compartment for extra accessories. Stay organized effortlessly with these thoughtful extras.

Space-Saving Design for Versatile Storage: The flat, slim design of our wrapping paper storage boxes is crafted for optimal space utilization. Designed to be stored in deep shelves, narrow spaces, against walls, and under beds, these holiday wrapping paper containers are collapsible for easy storage in closets, garages, attics, and sheds. Maximize your space while keeping everything neatly organized.

Roll Capacities for Every Need: The Premium Christmas Gift Wrap Organizer caters to various roll thicknesses. Store up to 18 rolls of 2.5” thickness or up to 24 rolls of 1.5” thickness. The flexible capacity accommodates different wrapping paper sizes, ensuring that you have the versatility to organize your entire collection with ease.

Underbed Storage for Practicality: Take advantage of underbed storage with the slim design of this organizer. Keep your holiday essentials conveniently tucked away, ready to be accessed whenever the festive season arrives. The underbed storage option is ideal for those looking to declutter their living spaces without compromising on accessibility.

Tear-Proof Fabric for Longevity: The tear-proof fabric of this organizer adds an extra layer of protection to your cherished wrapping paper. Say goodbye to damaged rolls and faded patterns. Invest in an organizer that ensures the longevity of your holiday essentials, preserving the magic of unwrapping beautifully wrapped gifts year after year.

Collapsible for Easy Storage: When the holiday season is over, simply collapse the organizer for easy storage. Whether you choose to stow it in a closet, garage, attic, or shed, the collapsible design ensures that it won’t take up unnecessary space when not in use. Enjoy the benefits of a spacious organizer without compromising on storage convenience.

Feature Specification
Material 600D Oxford-Polyester Fabric
Construction Heavy-Duty Cardboard
Dimensions 14” x 40” x 6”
Design Underbed Storage, Slim Design, Collapsible
Roll Capacities Up to 18 rolls (2.5” thick), Up to 24 rolls (1.5” thick)
Extras 2 Clear Vinyl Pockets, Dual Zipper Closure, Divider


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