Refrigerator Eggs Holder Organizer Box

his organizer box is specifically designed to efficiently store and organize your eggs in the refrigerator. It keeps them neatly arranged and easy to access.

Durable Construction: Made from sturdy materials, this egg holder is built to last. It can withstand the rigors of everyday use in your kitchen without easily breaking or wearing out.

Drawer-Friendly Design: The compact and convenient design allows you to place this organizer box in your refrigerator’s drawer, optimizing space and keeping your fridge well-organized.

Protective Storage: This container helps protect your eggs from damage, preventing them from cracking or breaking due to shifting items in the refrigerator.


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The designated slots make it easy to retrieve eggs without having to rummage through your fridge. It ensures that you can quickly find and use the eggs you need.

Kitchen Organization: Keeping your eggs in this container helps maintain a clean and organized refrigerator. It eliminates the need for loose egg cartons or scattered eggs.

Convenient and Handy: The convenient design of this product makes it a handy addition to your kitchen. You can easily carry it from the fridge to your countertop, making meal preparation more efficient.

Multipurpose Use: While primarily designed for eggs, you can also use this organizer box for storing other small items like fruits, vegetables, or condiments, adding to its versatility.

Preserve Freshness: This organizer helps preserve the freshness of your eggs by keeping them in a controlled and stable environment within the refrigerator.

Drawer design: compartment storage, breathable design, inexperienced materials, straightforward to take with out being squeezed.

Grid design: compartmental storage, one egg one compartment, matches the egg form, and is orderly, prevents the eggs from colliding with one another, and isn’t fragile.

Overlay design: layer by layer, saving house and enormous capability, assembly every day use, and making full use of each inch of house.


  • Materials: PP
  • Colour: white, blue
  • Measurement: 32*21*7.8cm
  • Objective: Egg storage
  • Options: 18-21 items

Package deal Included:

  • Storage Box*1

Refrigerator Eggs Holder Organizer Box


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