Touchless Motion Sensor Oval Trash Can – 13 Gallon Stainless Steel Bin for Clean, Odor-Free Living! 🌐♻️

Transform your daily waste disposal routine with the Ninestars DZT-50-13 Touchless Motion Sensor Oval Trash Can. This 13-gallon stainless steel beauty is not just a bin; it’s a technological marvel.

The touch-free motion sensor lid closure ensures a hygienic and odor-free experience, while the water-resistant infrared motion sensor and fingerprint-resistant stainless steel base make maintenance a breeze.

Whether in the kitchen, office, or any living space, this trash can combines style and functionality for a cleaner and more efficient environment. Say goodbye to traditional bins and embrace the future of waste disposal. 🚮✨🌐

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High-Quality Materials: Crafted with water-resistant infrared motion sensor technology, this bin prevents moisture damage and accidental spills. The fingerprint-resistant stainless steel base not only adds a touch of sophistication but also helps in maintaining a clean and polished appearance. 🚰🌟🍃

Advanced Technology: The Ninestars DZT-50-13 boasts delay sensing technology, preserving battery life and preventing unnecessary openings caused by pets, children, or passersby. The quiet closing function enhances the longevity of the product, ensuring a reliable and efficient waste disposal solution for your daily needs. 🕰️🔇💡

Touch-Free Motion Sensor Lid Closure: Seal odors in and eliminate cross-contamination of germs with the touch-free motion sensor lid closure. This innovative feature enhances hygiene and convenience, making the Ninestars trash can an essential addition to any space. The can requires three C batteries (not included), with alkaline batteries highly recommended for optimal performance. 🤲🌐🚯

Ease and Convenience: The Ninestars DZT-50-13 is designed for ease and convenience. The removable ring liner holds trash bags securely in place, preventing them from overhanging and ensuring a neat and clean appearance. Use any standard trash bags or opt for Ninestars custom trash bags (NSTB-13-30) for a perfect fit. Waste disposal has never been this effortless and stylish. ♻️🛍️🗑️

Trouble-Free Two-Year Guarantee: Embrace worry-free waste disposal with the Ninestars DZT-50-13 Trash Can, backed by a trouble-free two-year guarantee. Experience dedicated customer service with no additional charges for faulty parts. This assurance makes the Ninestars trash can a reliable and durable choice for your living space. 🛡️🤲📆

Q: Is the Ninestars DZT-50-13 suitable for use in damp environments? A: Absolutely! The trash can features a water-resistant infrared motion sensor, preventing moisture damage and ensuring optimal performance even in damp conditions.

Q: Can the Ninestars DZT-50-13 be used with custom trash bags? A: Yes, the trash can is designed for convenience. While it can use any standard trash bags, Ninestars also offers custom trash bags (NSTB-13-30) for those who prefer a perfect fit.

Q: How does the delay sensing technology work? A: The delay sensing technology in the Ninestars DZT-50-13 helps preserve battery life by preventing unnecessary openings. It ensures the lid only activates when needed, enhancing efficiency and longevity.

Q: What does the Trouble-Free Two-Year Guarantee cover? A: The Ninestars DZT-50-13 comes with a hassle-free two-year guarantee, covering any faulty parts. There are no additional charges for replacements, providing customers with peace of mind and confidence in their purchase.

Feature Description
Material Stainless Steel
Motion Sensor Water-Resistant Infrared Technology
Lid Closure Touch-Free Motion Sensor
Battery Requires 3 C Batteries (Not Included)
Custom Bags Ninestars NSTB-13-30
Capacity 13 Gallons
Guarantee Two-Year Trouble-Free Guarantee
Additional Fingerprint-Resistant Stainless Steel Base, Delay Sensing Technology, Quiet Closing Function


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