StoreYourBoard Hi-Lift Ceiling Hoist: Efficient Wheelbarrow and Gear Storage Solution

Maximize your storage space with the StoreYourBoard Hi-Lift Ceiling Hoist, the perfect solution for keeping your wheelbarrows and other gear overhead and off the ground.

Easily store your bulky wheelbarrow securely with the heavy-duty straps, providing a space-saving solution for your garage, shed, or workshop.

Experience the convenience of the easy lift with a locking mechanism in the StoreYourBoard Hi-Lift Ceiling Hoist.

With two straps to hoist the wheelbarrow up and one strap to keep them securely in place, organizing your gear has never been more efficient.

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1. Heavy Duty Storage for Wheelbarrows: Securely store your wheelbarrows with the heavy-duty straps of the StoreYourBoard Hi-Lift Ceiling Hoist. 🛠️ The exclusive patent-pending design ensures a robust storage system, providing peace of mind for users seeking durability in their storage solutions.

2. Space-Saving Solution for Your Garage: Transform your garage into an organized space with the space-saving solution offered by the StoreYourBoard Hi-Lift Ceiling Hoist. 🚗 Save valuable floor space by hoisting your large wheelbarrow up and out of the way, creating a clutter-free and efficient storage environment.

3. Easy Lift with Locking Mechanism: Experience the ease of lifting and securing your wheelbarrow with the Hi-Lift Ceiling Hoist. 🏋️‍♂️ The two straps facilitate easy hoisting, while the locking mechanism ensures a secure and stable storage solution, making it the ideal choice for users who value convenience and safety.

4. Quick & Easy Installation: Enjoy a hassle-free setup with the quick and easy installation process of the StoreYourBoard Hi-Lift Ceiling Hoist. 🛠️ The included instructions and mounting hardware make it a perfect solution for both home and garage storage, saving users time and effort.

5. Exclusive Patent Pending Design: Choose a storage solution designed for versatility with the exclusive patent-pending design of the Hi-Lift Ceiling Hoist. 🔄 The system is not limited to wheelbarrows; it can also accommodate ladders, kayaks, canoes, cargo, SUPs, and more, offering a versatile storage solution.

6. Versatile Gear Storage: Embrace the versatility of the Hi-Lift Ceiling Hoist, allowing you to store various gear items efficiently. 🚲 From ladders to kayaks and beyond, this storage system adapts to your needs, providing a flexible solution for a wide range of equipment.

7. Hi-Lift Ceiling Hoist Components: Benefit from the complete Hi-Lift Ceiling Hoist package, including two mounting brackets with pulleys, heavy-duty rope supporting up to 60 lbs, a wall-mounted tie-off cleat, and high-strength adjustable straps up to 10 ft. 🧰 Each component is crafted for durability, ensuring a reliable and long-lasting storage solution.

8. Easy-to-Use Wheelbarrow Storage: Simplify your wheelbarrow storage with the StoreYourBoard Hi-Lift Ceiling Hoist. 🔄 The easy lift and locking mechanism, combined with the heavy-duty straps, create a user-friendly solution for getting your wheelbarrow off the ground, promoting a tidy and organized space.

Q: Can the Hi-Lift Ceiling Hoist accommodate items other than wheelbarrows? A: Absolutely! The Hi-Lift Ceiling Hoist features a versatile design that can store various gear, including ladders, kayaks, canoes, cargo, SUPs, and more.

Q: How much weight can the heavy-duty rope support? A: The heavy-duty rope included with the Hi-Lift Ceiling Hoist can support up to 60 lbs, providing ample strength for secure storage.

Q: Is the installation process complicated? A: Not at all! The Hi-Lift Ceiling Hoist comes with quick and easy installation instructions and mounting hardware, making it suitable for both home and garage storage.

Q: How long are the high-strength adjustable straps? A: The high-strength adjustable straps included with the Hi-Lift Ceiling Hoist can be adjusted up to 10 ft, accommodating various gear sizes and shapes.

Feature Specification
Heavy Duty Straps Secure Wheelbarrow Storage
Space-Saving Solution Hoist Bulky Items, Save Floor Space
Easy Lift with Locking Mechanism Secure Wheelbarrow in Place
Quick & Easy Installation Includes Instructions and Mounting Hardware
Exclusive Patent Pending Design Accommodates Wheelbarrows, Ladders, Kayaks, Canoes, Cargo, SUPs, etc.
Components Included 2 Mounting Brackets with Pulleys, Heavy-Duty Rope (Up to 60 lbs), Wall-Mounted Tie-Off Cleat, High-Strength Adjustable Straps (Up to 10 ft)

Additional information

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Dimensions 9.1 × 6.9 × 4.2 cm





















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