Steel Bike Rack Stand – Floor Mount Bicycle Parking Storage for 1-6 Bikes

Maximize your bike storage with the TMS Hd Steel Bike Rack Stand, an ideal solution for garages, front yards, backyards, bike events, store fronts, or any workspace.

This floor-mounted rack, made of professional-grade 1″ steel tube frame with a sleek black powder coat matte finish, provides secure parking for up to 6 bikes. Keep your bicycles organized, protected, and easily accessible with this durable and space-saving bike rack.

🔄 Double-Sided Design: The TMS Bike Rack features a unique double-sided design, allowing you to park bikes from both directions. This design not only maximizes space but also provides easy access and storage for multiple bikes.

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🚴‍♂️ Organized Bike Parking: Say goodbye to cluttered garages and messy corners. The TMS Hd Steel Bike Rack Stand is designed for organized bike parking, ensuring each bicycle has its designated space. Keep your bike collection neat and easily accessible.

🛠️ Sturdy Construction: Built from professional-grade 1″ steel tube frame, this bike rack stand is not only durable but also offers robust support for up to 6 bikes. The protective black powder coat matte finish adds an extra layer of strength and resilience.

🏡 Versatile Placement: Whether you need a bike storage solution for your garage, outdoor space, shed, or workplace, this floor-mounted rack fits almost anywhere. Its compact design allows for efficient use of space, making it an ideal addition to various environments.

🚲 Universal Tire Slots: The rack’s slots accommodate most bicycle tires with a 2″ diameter, and the larger slots can handle tires up to 6″ in diameter. This versatility makes it suitable for a wide range of bike types and sizes.

Quick Assembly: No need to spend hours on assembly. The TMS Bike Rack assembles in just 10 minutes, providing a hassle-free setup process. Get your bike storage solution ready to use in no time.

🔄 Double-Sided Efficiency: The double-sided design of this bike rack enhances efficiency. Park and retrieve bikes from both directions effortlessly. It’s a thoughtful feature that makes bike storage and retrieval a breeze.

🌈 Sleek Matte Finish: Beyond its functional benefits, the sleek black powder coat matte finish adds a touch of sophistication to your bike storage area. Elevate the look of your garage or outdoor space with this stylish and practical bike rack.

🔄 Secure Bike Parking: The frame of this bike rack can be permanently mounted for additional security. Say goodbye to the risk of delicate spokes getting damaged in a corner; park your bicycles securely and in an organized manner.

Q: Can this bike rack be used outdoors? A: Absolutely! The TMS Hd Steel Bike Rack Stand is designed for versatile use, making it suitable for outdoor spaces, garages, sheds, or any workspace where organized bike parking is needed.

Q: What tire sizes does the rack accommodate? A: The slots are designed to fit most bicycle tires with a 2″ diameter, and the larger slots can accommodate tires up to 6″ in diameter.

Q: Is assembly difficult? A: Not at all. The TMS Bike Rack can be assembled in just 10 minutes, and although instructions are not included, the process is straightforward and user-friendly.

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